OFFICIAL Website - Salem Hunting Club

Salem's best kept secret since 1945.


Range Hours:

Weekdays and Saturday - 9 am to dusk.

Sunday - 10 am to dusk.

Exception – Sanctioned Events

The front gate shall be kept closed except during sanctioned events or at the discretion of a club officer.

Please leave the ranges looking as good or nicer than when you found them

When the Range Officer is present, he or she will be in charge of ranges.

The Orange Flag is to be put out when heading down range.

All firearms must be put up and unloaded while anyone is down range.

All ranges are closed during Monthly Membership meetings.

No casual shooting on the same range as a scheduled club event.

No one under the influence of alcohol or drugs is to be on ranges.

If in doubt, check with Range Officer or any Club Officer as to calibers allowed.

No smoking at the black powder shoots.

No cross-shooting.  Make sure your target is in front of you.

No automatic firearms of any kind allowed.

No 50 cal. BMG or modern rifle 50 cal. rounds may be used on our ranges.

No steel core, armor piercing, tracers or incendiary ammo is permitted.

On the Pistol Range, handgun loads only will be allowed.

 At the Pistol Range, targets are to be attached to the frames so that frames are not damaged.
Target holders should be placed in the sand trap.

Cardboard target backers should be “clamped” not

stapled or nailed to posts at Rifle Range. 

At the Rifle Range, targets shall be posted between the rails and so the posts will not be damaged.

Paper targets ONLY, except for sanctioned events.

No metal targets will be used on the range except at club-sanctioned shoots upon approval of club officers or range officer.

Remove all targets and clean up prior to leaving range.

Pick up and throw away steel cases.  Brass cases may be placed on shelves/tables for those who reload.

If you bring a guest you are responsible that they obey all range rules.

Please report violations to a Club Officer ASAP!

Any member or guest violating these rules may be subject to forfeiture of their range privileges and/or club membership.