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Why does it take a tragedy / loss of life for some people to wake up? This message is for anyone you know who doesn't feel the need to, at a minimum, understand the significance of being responsible for ones own safety.

When we need them, our protectors (police and firefighters) are moments away when seconds count. That statement isn't being used to scare or alarm anyone. It's simply a fact.

In hopes of opening some eyes to those who have for a long time thought that guns are scary or simply aren't for them, we are offering those individuals a FREE private (or small group) firearm safety lesson throughout the month of November.

We're also offering those individuals the opportunity to visit and sit in on our concealed carry classes free of charge. We normally charge $30 for a 90 minute lesson.

Come see and hear how to SAFELY take responsibility for your own safety. Come and decide if you want to actually participate and take one of our CCW classes based on your first hand experience of what our class has to offer you.

Beyond our classes, we also hold a shooting event (monthly, year round) where you can have the opportunity to learn through watching others and the first hand experience of actually shooting on our range for only $5!

Questions or comments?  Email us or call (330) 831-9847. If no answer, please leave a voicemail and your call WILL be returned!

Thank You!


Private Firearm Classes:

$30 for 90 minute sessions

Private instruction
Groups / Individuals

Taught by:
 NRA Certified Instructor
Range Safety Officer

Hand guns or rifles

Topics covered as desired:
 firearm safety, marksmanship skills, range time, basic field stripping and firearm cleaning.

For more details, please email