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  PPC Shoots are held seasonally (May thru Sept.)
 on Mondays at 6:00 PM SHARP

For anyone looking for a shooting game that offers some variety in shooting positions and requires total focus and mental discipline, PPC is hard to beat.

PPC is a revolver "friendly" type of target shooting and is a great way to get a new shooter into competition and hone the skills of sight alignment and trigger control.

All shooting is done two handed.
The standard short courses of fire consisting of 60 rounds are fired in 4 stages. 
The targets are B27R silhouettes.  

Minimum equipment required:

     A handgun, usually a six-shot revolver of .32 caliber or above.
     Most PPC shooters use .38 Special Smith & Wesson K or L frame revolvers.
 Semi-auto's of .35 caliber or above) are fine too. 
At least 60 rounds of ammunition, preferably light to  mid-load wad cutters.

Eye and ear protection
A holster and sturdy belt (must be "strong-side", no cross draw or shoulder rigs) 3 speed loaders or 4 magazines
(3 is a bare minimum, the more the better) A loading tray (unless you have 10 speed loaders)
A bucket or tray for your reloads and empty cartridge cases Belt mounted speed loader holders for at least three loaders

are many modifications that can be done, but a   stock gun will be fine to get started.
Trigger jobs, custom grips, heavy barrels and sight ribs are among the most popular modifications.