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Class & Range on site!

Certified Sign Language Interpreter available with advanced notice.

Specializing in training people with any level of experience.  We're passionate about firearms, firearm safety and the shooting sports. 

Our fun, level headed teaching style strongly emphasizes a responsible approach to concealed carry.

If you have little to no experience, we suggest a private lesson with us prior to our class.


*This is NOT a requirement.

ONLY $85.00

Credit Cards accepted / Gift certificates available

"Satisfaction Guarantee"

If this class doesn't meet your expectations,

your tuition is refunded!

Upcoming  Classes:

Sat. Nov. 16th

Sat. Dec. 14th

Pre-registration required



The Salem Hunting Club
549 N. Indiana Blvd.
Salem, OH 44460

5 min. west of downtown Salem
10 min. east of Alliance

8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.(ish) 

(Please plan to arrive by 7:45am)

To Register with a credit card

Call (330) 831-9847

To register via snail mail -
Please contact us prior to sending any payment.

~ Payment made to The Salem Hunting Club

~ Student(s) name(s)

~ Date of class

~ Best contact phone number

Mail to: 

CALL (330) 831 - 9847

The Instructors:

NRA Certified Instructor & Range Safety Officer

Jay Klein

NRA Certified Instructor

David Honeywell

Feel free to call or email with any questions.
(330) 831- 9847

Class goals include:

  • Small sized classes for personalized attention.

  • Providing an interesting & informative class.

  •  Providing a range experience with strong emphasis on safety while building confidence in operating your firearm.

  • Review the laws as they pertain to concealed carry.

  • Provide you with materials, including the Ohio Atty. Gen's Handbook.

  • Upon successful completion of this class, a certificate of completion will be issued to you which allows you to begin the application process to legally conceal carry in Ohio as well as many other states.

  • You'll be provided with comprehensive information as it pertains to concealed carry in Ohio.

  • Beginner's will gain valuable knowledge and skills.

  • Experienced shooters will receive tools to refine their abilities.


 Hand gun in safe / working condition (center-fire)

Don't buy a gun for this class.  

We'll help you learn what's best so you don't buy

"a mistake".

It makes good sense to train with a gun you'll likely carry.  If you don't have an appropriate handgun, free loaner's are available for class.

*Holster - optional*

   100 rounds of target ammo

 Two (2) Magazines or speed loaders


 Eye and Ear protection
We can provide loaners but, we have quality safety glasses for sale ($10) that fit great over prescription eye glasses, if needed.

Appropriate clothing for the weather

During inclement weather, we make use of a heated building to keep you comfortable.

You will not be outdoors for long periods at a time. 
 However, the range is outdoors, so dress accordingly.

Pack food /snacks

We have a fridge and microwave for anyone who may need it.

  Coffee, bottled water and soft drinks are available at no charge.

There just is not enough time to let students leave for lunch and still maintain the State of Ohio's minimum 8 hour class requirement.

What training do you need to meet the state's requirements?

You need a min. of 8 hours of training (at least two hours must be live-fire training on the range) that meet specific requirements as spelled out by Ohio Law.  


  DO NOT bring your handgun or ammunition inside the classroom.

Please leave these items in your vehicle until it is time to go to the range.

No live ammo will be allowed in the classroom during this course.

This is NOT an NRA Basic Pistol  Class.

*Registrations are accepted on a first come first served basis.   Cancellations 48 hours or less prior to class may be subject to forfeiture of the $25 deposit ~ OR ~  the student may reschedule for a future class within 1 year of original class date.

 "No Shows" on class day are subject to the same policy.

Ohio's training requirements were reduced from 12 hours to 8 hours.

  We're teaching classes that exceed the State's minimum requirements. 

Summary Of Gun Law Changes 2014.pdf

This bill enacted substantial changes for firearms owners in the State of Ohio.


Frequently asked questions here

Reciprocity questions?  Click here

State of Ohio Atty. Gen.'s Law Manual here

~ EFFECTIVE (4/12/15) ~

Ohio and Pennsylvania Reciprocity!!!

Did you know that your Ohio Concealed Carry License is now valid in Pennsylvania?

Category 2: States that have statutory reciprocity under 6106(b)(15) of the Uniform Firearms Act.


The following states have been granted statutory reciprocity without a formal written agreement under 6106(b)(15), based on the determination of the Attorney General that the other state has granted reciprocity to Pennsylvania license holders, and that the other state's laws governing firearms are similar.    

Colorado, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Montana, North Dakota (Effective August 1, 2013 only North Dakota Class I permits are recognized in Category 2), Ohio and Wisconsin.


Effective Nov. 2018, SB 81, which lawmakers voted overwhelmingly to pass earlier this year, waives the concealed-carry license fee for active members of the armed forces and retired and honorably discharged veterans.

Please know, a class still needs to be taken through a certified instructor, unless you have documentation stating previous training that fulfills the requirement as accepted by the County Sheriff.

Thank you to those who have served honorably!

Class reviews submitted via email

We are always very appreciative that people give us the opportunity to help and teach them. Here is a recent student's review and feedback from their recent experience.
I took the concealed carry class at the Salem Hunting Club.
Being a retired law enforcement officer, I expected that most of the class would be basically a refresher on skills and information that truthfully I needed to brush up on.  I also wanted to get some practice with my small S&W 380 Bodyguard "Firearm" that I hadn't fired in at least 8 or 9 years.

The Salem Hunting Club gave a class that was extremely informative and exceeded all my expectations! When I finished, I felt confident about my abilities to carry a concealed firearm and well informed about all the laws and issues related to carrying a concealed weapon.

I have taken refresher courses many times in the past and re-qualified every year during my pre-retirement but I can honestly say this particular course instructor gave an exceptional class. It was a very full 8 hours but worth every minute! They do a fantastic job teaching the CCW class.
I'm not sure that other instructor’s classes are as comprehensive as the one you teach.

It seems that some promote the “quick and easy” way to carrying a concealed weapon and just cover the required basics to get the certificate.

This mentality can carry sever consequences if they don’t really know and comprehend the laws regarding using this “freedom”.

The law is sometimes vague when it comes to using “deadly force” and then the civil court can destroy someone’s financial stability even if they were right in the use of their rights.

It is a really tight line when you carry a firearm. If you have it you better be ready to use it, and if you use it, you better be ready to have to justify that use to the legal system and in civil court. Your course reinforces this critical responsibility.

I can suggest that anyone considering this course sign up for yours….it may be the difference between living a reasonably comfortable retirement or making a visit to bankruptcy court.

Thank you again Jay and Dave

Retired Deputy K. L.



Dear Jay,


We can't thank you enough for a great CCW class yesterday. After years of 'thinking about it' and struggling to give up a precious weekend day, we are both thrilled to have finally gotten the ball rolling. 


Your focus on firearm safety was phenomenal. The videos were pertinent and powerful and really drove home the message that firearm safety is of utmost importance.


Your knowledge of firearms and your diligence in practicing firearm safety are stellar. On top of that, you have a warm, personable classroom presence with just enough wit and humor to keep it interesting.


Having very recently purchased a new gun in a new format (semi auto vs. pistol) and having very limited shooting experience, the range portion of your class was invaluable to me (actually to both of us). My new gun was jamming nearly each time I shot it at home which had me a bit flustered. Having you there next to me on the range, took away the anxiety and you were quickly able to diagnose the jamming issue as a grip problem. Once that was solved, I was able to gain some confidence in using my firearm. That is invaluable!


The Law portion of the class is a very necessary (if dry) portion of the class and some very interesting discussions sprung up during this portion. You did a great job of emphasizing the importance of understanding how the law pertains to CHL license holders and the magnitude of the responsibility that being a CHL licensee entails.


Our class was an interesting mix with 4 women in their early 20s with what appeared to be limited shooting and firearm experience; 2 men in their early 20s, one with hunting experience, the other with limited experience, and one older man with apparently years of shooting experience; and Mike and myself. I thought that you worked well with everyone and gave the same attention to all participants.


The Salem Hunting Club is an amazing club. We have already started searching for something similar near us and hope to find a club even half as active as SHC where we can continue to learn and practice our skills.


Thanks so much for your dedication and devotion to Firearm safety and teaching. Your passion is very evident. The Salem Hunting Club is very fortunate to have you on their Board and as an active member! We will highly recommend this class for years to come.



D.& M.  K.

Medina, OH


Updated info for Col. County:

They are now allowing applicants to bring in a self-addressed, stamped envelope along with their application to have their license mailed to them after the background check is complete.

Being that it is difficult for some people to take off work to come in here more than once so this is an attempt to make it easier.

Of course, applicants are more than welcome to come back a week after turning in their application to pick it up in person if they wish. If not, they may bring their stamped envelope with them and it in along with the application.

Stark County Sheriff's Office

Mahoning County Sheriff's Office

Reciprocity map for CHL's

Ohioans for Concealed Carry


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