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Lord of the Range
September 8th, 2018.

Stay tuned for details.

(Previous Event 2016)

The Salem Hunting Club


Sept. 17th 2016

1st PLACE - Travis Steele
2nd PLACE - Dan Bowers
3rd PLACE - Danny Mac

Thanks to Zeigler's Trophies, Runzo's Outdoors and Glenn's Archery

Thank you to all that participated!!

Lord of the Range 4 is a Marksmanship Competition  that returns to the Salem Hunting Club (549 Indiana Ave.) on Saturday, Sept. 17th at 9a.m.

Skill sets will be challenged on different stages that will be announced closer to the event.  Past stages have included:
M1 Garand, Rimfire Rifle (scoped), Rimfire Rifle (iron sights), .44 Special Revolver (single action), Glock 26 or M&P c  (9mm semi auto), Rimfire pistol, Sling shot, Compound Bow, Throwing Knives, Mosin Nagant Rifle, AR-15 Rifle and more!

All you have to bring to the range that day is eye/ear protection and your appetite, because we provide EVERYTHING (including lunch)! 
All ammunition and firearms will be provided.  

Prizes include custom designed trophies and cash for 1st and 2nd place.  3rd place wins a trophy only.                      
This event is open to the public.  Pre-registration is required. 

The entry fee is only $30 (includes lunch).

Proceeds will equally benefit local conservation efforts and the Salem Hunting Club. 

Past LOR events have benefited the Beaver Creek Wild Life Education Center, Greenway Bike Trail, Salem Shade Tree Committee and the Salem Beautification Committee.